No Glare - No Scare

Remember that trophy mule deer that appeared out of east in the morning sun? That wily predator?  Or that last target round on a bright afternoon? Now there’s a way you can block glare so you can to see clearly to make that important shot: SunGuard®



What can a quarterback teach a shooter?

Protect your vision from glare!
A quarterback needs to see clearly to hit his target So why does he put those black smudges under his eyes?  To keep the sun’s glare from degrading his vision!   Just like you, he needs to see clearly in order to hit his target!   Now there’s a compact way to black sun glare from getting inside your scope: SunGuard®




The thin, lightweight SunGuard inserts fits inside your existing scope cover to give the same sun protection as a much longer and bulkier traditional tube hood.  Developed to camouflage reflections from rifle scopes and binoculars, SunGuard offers the sport shooter two powerful benefits:

  • SunGuard™ blocks sun glare from getting inside your scope!
  • SunGuard™ hides sun reflections that can spook trophy game!

On a 40mm scope, a SunGuard insert gives the same protection as a traditional tube shade over 7” long!